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All BASTIBASTI APPAREL products are 100% vegan and were manufactured under fair working conditions.


An increasingly faster spinning array of trends on the market and harsh competition calls for ever lower prices to attract customers. Many people are happy that they are able to buy the newest trends at relatively low cost.

This often happens however at the expense of those who produce our clothing:
These workers have no social security net. They earn a wage that does not even cover the basic need for food and inhumane working hours often render their lives unbearable. Some even die prematurely unable to withstand the physical and mental strain. Oftentimes, the factories do not ensure adequate security or safety measures, which leads to illness due to poisonous gases and high fibre content in the air.

That is why we want to support those that have actively decided to take a different path. We work exclusively with manufacturers that provide their employees with a secure job and fair wages.

Our textiles (t-shirts, leggings, sweat shirts, etc.) are manufactured in Europe (Portugal) under fair European working conditions.

Our woven bags are produced in Kolkata (India). The local project FREESET supports women previously forced into prostitution and enables them a secure and fair paid job as seamstresses. For more information please visit  www.freesetglobal.com.

If we use raw material in one of our items, we obviously make sure, that the products are fair trade and vegan.

…because most textiles are made of cotton or synthetic materials, right?

Yes – and no!

Nowadays, due to cheap production processes, materials like leather, wool, fur, silk and animal glues are produced at such low prices that they are used almost everywhere. This inflationary use of animal substances confuses consumers to the point that they don’t exactly know what they are actually wearing. Are the sneakers /their insoles real or fake leather? Is the sweater a wool blend or synthetic? Is the fur trimming on the parka fake or real?

This doesn’t boil down to a lack of technical possibilities alone.

Nowadays, alternatives like fake leather or fake fur are highly authentic and of high quality. Therefore hardly distinguishable from the original, animal version. However, in many cases, these materials are more expensive to produce than the original animal product (!). The reason is the unscrupulous mass ‘production’.
Especially – but not only – in Asian countries, for example, where raccoon dogs are skinned by the millions without anaesthetic, to create fur pompoms for hats or fur hoods.

Apart from our personal conviction that no animal should lead a miserable life or die a fearful death for our slice of sausage or our daily breakfast egg- leather production, is no longer a by-product, but a lucrative raw material for the fashion industry.
But there are also hidden animal substances, like animal glues. Unfortunately, they are often used for sneakers and caps, which is why it is often difficult to maintain a purely vegan production. Dyes too, may have been obtained from animal hide, insects, milk etc..

It’s a no-brainer, that we don’t use any of these animal materials in our products for BASTIBASTI APPAREL.
It is not our goal to clothe the ‘perfect vegan’, since in our conviction, the goal of perfection is neither fully attainable nor useful. Instead, we want to draw attention to today’s shortcomings and point out alternative possibilities.

After all – it’s the message that counts! (WHAT and HOW you buy…matters, immensely)

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