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Measurement charts women & men

Below we have listed the measurements of some of our most popular fits for your reference.

Tip: You can take one of your personal cloths from your wardrobe which fits you well, measure this one and compare it to our measurements. That is how you can evaluate our fit more easy.

Oversized fit Hoodie


Corresponds to the styles: SPIRAL Hoodie, 1984 Hoodie, Groovy Hoodie etc.

Men T-Shirt Regular length


Corresponds to the styles: SPIRAL Regular T-Shirt, BASIC Regular T-Shirt, etc.

Men T-Shirt Long Fit


Corresponds to the styles: SPIRAL Long T-Shirt, BASIC Long T-Shirt, etc.

Men T-Shirt Extra Oversized Fit


Corresponds to the styles: DUST T-Shirt, GRIME T-Shirt

Men T-Shirt Oversized Fit


Corresponds to the style: CHRONOS T-Shirt

Women T-Shirt


Corresponds to the styles: Basic Women T-Shirt, Spiral Women T-Shirt

Highwaist Leggings


Corresponds to the styles: SKY Leggings, INK Leggings

Oversized Hoodie Dress


Corresponds to the style: MARS Hoodie Dress

Measurements FAQ

All given measurements are just a reference.

Slight deviances in the measurements are (especially in jersey and sweatshirt materials) normal and very likely as the texture is stretchable and during production the edges might shift a bit.

Nevertheless we highly pay attention that the given measurements were followed as precisely as possible, so that bigger deviations are rare.

The cloth is measured flat.

Chest width: The distance between the lowest outside point of the armholes.

Length: The distance between the highest shoulder point and the hemline.

As a sample measurement reference we provide the women size S and men size M measurement.

For all other sizes you can roughly calculate your size with the following formula:

– Take the measurement of the sample size

– For each ascending or descending size please add 3-4cm to the given width (the specific additional centimeters vary slightly per article):

Size S= 51,5cm-4cm / Sample size M= 51,5cm / Size L= 51,5cm+4cm / Size XL= 51,5cm+8cm / Size XXL= 51,5cm+12cm

–> Only for width measurements! For measurements in length please only add/reduce circa 1,5cm per size. For any further questions or if you are still insecure which size might fit best for you please feel free to contact us.

In most cases – yes!

Shrinkage is normal and very likely for cotton fabrics.

Usually the style shrinks more in its length than in its width during wash. For cotton fabrics the shrinkage amount can be 5-8% of the total fabric length, this means for a T-shirt possibly 2-4cm (depending on the T-shirt length).

To avoid too much shrinkage we recommend to wash the style with low temperatures (30-40°) and avoid tumble drying. This also helps keeping the colours fresh and the style does not fade so easily.

But due to the fact that our products are made of high quality cotton the shrinkage is usually very little.

Our tops are usually fitted more oversized (which means very loose, extra large look). The fit of each specific article is mentioned in the article description.

Tip: You can take one of your personal cloths from your wardrobe which fits you well, measure this one and compare it to our measurements. That is how you can evaluate our fit more easy.

If you don’t like to wear your clothes in an oversized fit you can order the styles one size smaller. But please note that oversized fits were planned on purpose. A smaller size might also be smaller/shorter in some specific detail measurements.

(That means if you prefer to wear your hoodie very tight, an oversized hoodie might look not advantageous in two sizes smaller as the body and sleeve length usually correspond to the normal garment size.)

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